Blue Rapids Cemetery

Fairmont Cemetery is located on a ten-acre parcel in the northeast corner of the city of Blue Rapids on East Avenue.

Blue Rapids Cemetery was established in 1879 to provide a final resting place for all. In 1907 it was renamed Fairmont Cemetery. Among the loved ones buried here are about 45 Civil War veterans and 85 veterans of other wars.

Burial Lot Information

The City Clerk, located in the Community Center on the square, can help you find an unsold lot that meets your needs. Upon payment, you will receive a cemetery deed. If, in the future any part of this lot is sold to someone else, this deed needs to be filed as a quit claim deed with the city.

Lot prices:

  • Full lot (8 burials): $1200
  • Half lot (4 burials): $600
  • Single space: $150

Open & close grave fees:

  • Full burial: $350
  • Cremation: $75


All graves are rectangular and are placed due east and west. At least a two-piece cement vault or metal vault to envelope the casket is required. No wooden vaults are allowed.

Burial limits on each individual space:

  • One adult casket
  • No more than 2 cremation urns
  • One infant casket
  • Stacking caskets is not allowed

Monuments or grave stones should be on a concrete foundation sufficient to prevent the stone from tipping. No stone should exceed 60% of the width of the burial space. Each full burial should have a permanent stone in place within 180 days of burial. Each cremation should have a premanent ground level marker in place within 180 days. If there is a headstone in place for a cremation urn, that urn does not require a ground level marker. Two urns on the same space will be placed on opposite ends with the second urn requiring a ground level marker. Scattering cremated remains within the boundaries of the cemetery is strictly prohibited.

Do not place decorative items on graves that might detract from the general appearance of the cemetery or be in the way of mowing and trimming. Notify the City Council to get approval before planting trees, shrubs or bushes. All decorations and flower containers must be removed from the graves no later than 14 days following Memorial Day.

Additional Information

Further questions should be directed to the City Clerk at 785-363-7736.

Welcome to the City of Blue Rapids, Kansas; The only Blue Rapids in America. Blue Rapids has hosted the Marshall county fair for 106 years. Home of the Round Town Square and the oldest Public Library in Kansas.
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